Are you dusting off the cold call script, or creating one? In this time of canceled meetings, events and trade shows, cold calling can be a good way to develop new leads and this is a great time to find decision makers with time on their hands. You may even get through with a cold call!  Here are some tips for making those phone connections:

  1. Introduce yourself, straight away, “Hi, I’m Suzy with the Successful Company.”
  2. Always ask if you caught Joe Prospect at a bad time, “Did I catch you at a bad time?” This shows you are considerate and respectful of their time.  Don’t ask “How are you doing?” You have just interrupted them and they don’t know why. The only thing they do know is it wasn’t to ask them how they are doing.  Making them respond to that question will just raise suspicion not interest.
  3. If it is a bad time, ask when you can call back, what would be a better time.
  4. If they agree to let you continue the conversation, make a brief statement of the biggest benefit your company can provide for them.  “At Successful Company we help {company type} with {biggest benefit}.” The objective is to move them from suspicious to curious. The benefit needs to be something that is top of mind with them, so do your homework. 
  5. Ask for permission to take 2 minutes to tell them why you are calling.  When they know you are going to tell them what the call is about, you will have their full attention.  Asking them for 2 additional minutes let’s them know you aren’t going to launch into a lengthy sales pitch.
  6. Telling a prospect why you are calling means letting them know you work with companies like theirs and understand their problems.  List 3 pains a company like theirs are likely to have and be brief.
  7. Next, ask if they are concerned with any of these pains.  If no, you can ask what their biggest concern is.
  8. If the answer is still, ‘no,’ take the no and make the next call; there is no pain, you will not get a meeting.
  9. If the answer to any pain is, “yes, we do find that to be the case,” discuss why that problem exists to the point where it makes sense to ask for the meeting. “That sounds like it is important enough for us to have a meeting.” Set the appointment!

What not to do:

  1. Don’t be pushy.  Be willing to take a no.  Being pushy could destroy trust you will need for the time they are ready to make a change.
  2. Don’t pick manipulative or vague benefits.  Remember they are going to be cautious with their time and you want to pick something that will be compelling enough so they want to hear more. 
  3. Don’t mistake benefits for what you do.  They don’t care about what you do. They only care about solving their problems.
  4. Don’t do all the talking.  Your objective is to find out if they have a problem you can fix and get a meeting.  You can’t find out if you are doing all the talking.

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